Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Why a Customs Law Blog?

I am a customs lawyer. This is a rare breed of American lawyer that concentrates on issues relating to the regulation of imports by the United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (formerly known as the Customs Service). I say "concentrates" because rules of professional ethics prevent me from saying I "specialize" in customs matters, so don't for one moment think that I am saying that.

I suspect that if you collected every lawyer in America who was actively engaged in the practice of customs law, you would not exceed the needs of a large ballroom in a major metropolitan hotel. We tend to know one another. Also, the folks who work for the government tend to know us. That means I will not be tossing any virtual molotov cocktails at any of my colleagues in the field and especially not at those few judges before whom I regularly have to appear. That just won't happen.

I will, however, from time to time, post my thoughts on developments in the area. I hope this is useful for in-house counsel, compliance managers, and other folks involved in the trade. If you happen to be a lawyer competing with me, please go away.

Of course, that does not answer the question posed above: Why a customs law blog? To that, I answer, why not? The technology is readily accessible and free. I might have a thing or two to say. I like to write and I like to hear myself talk. I might be a perfect blogger, or maybe not. We'll see how it goes from here.

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