Thursday, April 21, 2005

Am I a Crime Victim?

This is off my main topic, but I said I would include the odd random thought. I promise my next post will be hard hitting and timely. Really.

I received one of those alarming letters from Lexis-Nexis today. The letter says that my personal information may have been stolen. This info potentially includes my Social Security and driver's license numbers. Great.

To help out, Lexis has arranged with Equifax to give me a year of free credit reporting and some sort of fraud watch service. Trouble is, signing up is a giant pain. The Equifax site is so chock full of stuff that it is nearly impossible to find the correct thing to select. Then, there is a lot of information to fill in.

Wouldn't it make sense for Lexis and Equifax to have created a single landing page for people in this situation with one single offer to select. If Equifax wants to sell other services, it could have a link on the page.

So now I have seen my credit report. I have had an astounding number of lame credit cards that I could not find now if I needed to. Also, when you refinance every six months, there are lots of banks involved. Happily, there are no recent odd transactions or new accounts.

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